Let The Cooking Begin!

September 21, 2010

Hey guys, it’s Lettuce Lady! This is my first official blog post, so we’ll see how well this works. (Try to bear with me as I figure all this out…) Anyways! As you’ve probably now read from both Sophia Pizzeria and Soy Sauce, the Woodlawn kitchen is having some… “difficulties”. However, we’ve proven that Trailblazers never let a lack of cooking space slow us down! This is week 3 of our wonderful “Desserts at Home” elective, and even without a kitchen we’re already having a blast! We’ve completed two delicious desserts of our own (Check below for the recipes from Sophia Pizzeria and Soy Sauce!), as well as watched several online videos of famous television chefs which left us with growling stomachs and a few good laughs!

So. Because the making of the desserts have already been explained, and the pictures have already been posted (yum, much?!), I guess i’ll have to tell you a few tips they didn’t mention!

1. Once your “Dangerous Chocolate Mug Cake” is fresh out of the microwave, let it cool down BEFORE you add the whipped cream (brownie points if your whipped cream is homemade like ours was!). If you make the same mistake I did, you’ll end up with a melty (yet still ridiculously delicious) mess!

2. When working in a group for the “No-bake Cheesecake”, be the one to smash the graham crackers. Yes, it is absolutely as much fun as it sounds!!

3. This is possibly the most important tip on this entire blog. Do not, I repeat DO NOT forget to return to your cooking area to pick up your piece of the finished cheesecake!! Yes, I too am guilty of the heinous crime of forgetting my slice of cake. Believe me, very soon you’ll be craving it and will find yourself completely out of luck. Unless, of course, you’ve got about 30 minutes to spare, in which case I highly advise you to scroll down to the previous post and let the cooking begin!


One Response to “Let The Cooking Begin!”

  1. Julie said

    Good news, Lettuce Lady — I froze the unclaimed slices 🙂 They might be a little frosty, but still edible!

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