Moving In

September 28, 2010

Hey everybody – Cupcake here! Up to this point in our “Desserts at Home” elective, we haven’t had a kitchen. Which may seem like a major set-back, but we’ve pulled through and have managed to make some great desserts! There was the oh-so-delicious chocolate cake in a mug, the mouth watering no-bake cheesecake, and this week, a wonderful whipped cream and fruit parfait.

Luckily, after many delays, we were finally able to move into the kitchen this week, though it wasn’t quite complete (we’re still missing a stove and oven).  The shelves and cabinets had been installed though, so we were able to move in our supplies, but it wasn’t an easy task.  Long trips with armloads of cooking utensils, a spilled bag of magazines, and a lack of air conditioning made the move an interesting, and sweaty one.

Stinson Hall

Tuesday morning we arrived in Stinson Hall, the historic plantation home on our campus, to a mountain of kitchen equipment, ingredients, and cookbooks. The task at hand was a daunting one, we had to move this mountain halfway across campus to our kitchen in “The Lodge”.  It seemed impossible, but as people began to load up their arms with boxes and bags, the mountain began to shrink.  The first few trips went by without a hitch, things seemed to be going perfectly, it was only a matter of time until something went wrong. This moment came when a bag of cooking magazines was dropped on the way down the hill.  It was a small issue that was easily solved by a few people returning up the hill to fetch the dropped magazines, so it didn’t slow us down too bad.

Our kitchen is located in The Lodge (left).

Once we got everything down to the kitchen, it was time for sorting.  It was interesting experience. We seemed to have ridiculous amounts of some equipment – like 7 thermometers(really now?!) – and none of others.  It was obvious there was some shopping to be done, hopefully we’ll have all we need when we start cooking next week! After we took inventory of our supplies we put it all away in the closet and headed off for our next class.

Till next time,



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  1. Great post with great photos, Cupcake 🙂

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