Out of the microwave and into the oven.

September 28, 2010

Hey, its Forrest, the Blender, here to talk about this week’s happenings in the kitchen. After another week of no-bake items, it’ll be great to move into a fully functioning kitchen, not to trash the no-bake items we made, which were delicious. Our growing list of desserts include: Mug Cake, Cheesecake, and Parfaits, all no-bake items. While these were great to learn how to make, and will definitely come in handy in our college years, they just aren’t the same as other dessert items like cakes and cookies. Hopefully this was the final week of these desserts, now with our fully functional kitchen opening up, the culinary world will open as well.

This week we made parfaits, I joined forces with the Baconator and Cupcake to create an awesome parfait. If you could make a traditional parfait ours would certainly have been it. Traditional isn’t always bad, ours was made of repeating layers of cream, pound cake, and strawberries, creating a delicious flavor which complimented the natural, fresh flavor of strawberries. First we planned out our parfait, then broke up and managed the different components of the layered dessert. We cut pound cake, cored and sliced strawberries, and whipped our homemade cream, flavored with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and sweetened with powdered sugar. Eventually we created the awesome dessert pictured above.

Like I said before, as amazing as these desserts have been, we’re all ready to move onto both more advanced and involved dishes and to use a real kitchen. Instead of Spanish room tables, we’ll have a kitchen island and real countertops, along with the obvious appliances that we’ve learned to cook without. So this week, with the construction and installation in the kitchen finally finished, we will begin our work on desserts like bars and move our way up to layered cakes, and pies. So until next time, this is the Blender signing out.


One Response to “Out of the microwave and into the oven.”

  1. I’m excited to get started in the kitchen as well, Blender — it’s going to be a tasty week.

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