Why So Many Cupcakes?

October 14, 2010

Hey guys, Lettuce Lady once again! As I’m sure you’ve read from both Sophia Pizzaria and Soy Sauce, the past 2 weeks in the Woodlawn kitchen have been a DELICIOUS blast. We made scrumptious Black Bottom cupcakes, White cupcakes, and earlier this week an incredibly mouthwatering (and surprisingly red) Red Velvet cake. If you’re interested in making a Red Velvet cake of your own (how could you not be!), stay tuned!  I’m sure the cake instructions will be posted by an upcoming food blogger from the Woodlawn kitchen. For now, let’s go over those tasty cupcakes you’ve heard so much about!

Sadly, we don't have any pictures of our own white cupcakes. These (though slightly more yellow) are almost identical minus the icing!

The Woodlawn kitchen has switched gears from bars and parfaits to dozens (and dozens!) of cupcakes. A logical question would be something along the lines of “I know cupcakes are delicious, but why so many!?” That lovely question has an even more lovely answer: HOMECOMING! Thats right, the Woodlawn Kitchen will be catering the Woodlawn Homecoming dance, which is coming up very quickly! In about 10 days, all of our cakes and cupcakes will be filling the mouths of the entire Woodlawn Highschool student body. No pressure, right?


Though our cupcakes may taste delicious, they don’t look quite as delicious as they should due to a lack of decoration. I’m so excited to learn how to *correctly* decorate a cupcake! Goodbye days of “icing-in-a-can” squeezed into a messy blob topped off with sprinkles! Hello days of… well, who knows! We learned about so many different types of icing (Buttercream, Glaze, Fondant, Royal, etc.) there are just so many possibilities! Hopefully, all lack of artistic skills aside, these cupcakes will turn out gorgeous. Then our perfect Black Bottom cupcakes and White cupcakes will look as great as they taste! There is no doubt in my mind the Woodlawn Highschool students will love our deserts as much as we do! I can’t wait for Homecoming when I can finally have one of these delicious (and decorated!) deserts with my ironically named date (just friends, of course)… yep, you guessed it! Our very own Woodlawn Kitchen food blogger, Cupcake.




One Response to “Why So Many Cupcakes?”

  1. Great post lettuce lady! I can’t wait to eat these cupcakes at Homecoming on friday! -seltzer sayre

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