Plenty o’ Pies with a Dishwasher Dilemma…

November 12, 2010

Hello everyone! Baconator here, and let me tell ya, this week has been one of our busiest yet! As you know, we have been working with pies a ton in the past couple weeks, from blind baking to making delicious fillings. We ended up putting a creamy chocolate mousse filling with whipped cream into the crust we blind baked last week, and it turned out to be one of the best pies I’ve had in a while. The pie actually reminded me of a time when my grandma made a chocolate chip cookie dough pie for my family.

Mmmm… Mousse pies. A delicacy that’s near impossible to resist.

She never told us her recipe, because she kept it a secret, but that pie’s taste really couldn’t be put into words. I was reminded of that pie as I dug my teeth into some of the wonderful Mousse pie we ate, and I immediately began to realize something extraordinary about pies. Before I even learned about blind baking, I always thought there was a very strict process to making pies, but I’ve come to learn that you can really make whatever you want with techniques like blind baking. Maybe one day I will actually try to just simply put cookie dough into a baked crust to see what happens (its most likely not the way my grandma used to do it, but I feel it’s worth a try).

So anyway, we decided this week that since we had a lot of leftover crust and materials to make more crust, we thought it would be a great idea to give our food to others rather than gobble it all up ourselves. To keep in the spirit of Thanksgiving (which is right around the corner), we made over 4-5 pumpkin pies this week, which is seriously one of my favorite pies of all time (not too shabby for little more than 3 hours of time). We are going to give them to the Brian Center now for the seniors to enjoy! I’m sure that they’ll be very excited to try some of the pie we made! 

However, with a lot of hard work comes a lot of dirty dishes, and oh my goodness, there were many. We came in Thursday morning and went right to work with the pies. We soon came to realize that the dishes from the day before were um… Still dirty. Almost dirtier than they were before we put them in. 

How this happened? Our best guess is from the blender, who claims there might have been some kind of clog in the dishwasher, which probably made grime be thrown around rather than having it cleaned off. All in all, everyone chipped in and we managed to get all of the dishes cleaned with many successful pumpkin pies made, so it turned out to be a productive week indeed.

Sadly, this was our last full week of our baking class, and it has been quite a journey. Not having any knowledge with baking desserts at all, I feel that I’ve learned a lot since the start. I will be making a yellow cake with chocolate frosting in the upcoming week to show many techniques that I have learned from the class, so stay tuned!

Until then, this is the Baconator, signing out.



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