A Fulfilling Close.

November 23, 2010

Hello everyone! Baconator here, back again bringing you an exciting creation that I made yesterday! So our first trimester has finally come to a close, and our desserts at home class has come to a close. However, I couldn’t simply end the class without baking something delightful, so I decided that it would be perfect to make some cake for Thanksgiving! Like my fellow classmates cupcake and the blender, I made some delicious yellow layer cake with chocolate ganache frosting. Since they’ve covered the ingredients you’ll need, I thought I’d talk about my own experience and process in making this treat.
I slipped on my lucky Superman shirt and I was set to go! As you can see, I took a while to make sure that I had everything, and I began to run out of kitchen space… But thankfully I was able to start moving things around since the frosting and the actual cakes are they’re own processes. So I began by making the ganache frosting.
Man, I will tell ya, sifting flour can really give you a work out, along with mixing the chocolate chips with the heavy cream. The heavy cream has to be pretty darn hot to get them to melt. I was using Ghirardelli  chocolate chips, because I mean come on, what’s better than Ghirardelli?
Once the frosting was mixed, I set it aside to cool while I preheated the oven and began separating eggs. Soy Sauce always talks about learning to face your fear, and I definitely did with separating the eggs. It’s one of the scariest things in my opinion, but I faced my fears, and managed to do it flawlessly.
I immediately then began working on the cakes, mixing all of the dry ingredients with my handy whisk. I was as ready as ever to get the cakes into the oven, so I used my trusty mix and pour technique to make things faster.

Incorporating the eggs in bit by bit, I was able to mix and do that at the same time, of course making sure to scrape down the bowl so everything could be incorporated. At this point I noticed that my dog, Tess, began enjoying the smell, and started to camp out near the oven. I felt bad moving her, but simply keep laying back down there after I’d close the oven (maybe she liked the heat of the oven?)
It was pretty late, and I was getting hungry. I began pouring the batter into my cake pans and spreading it. Waiting for them to be done was pretty tough, but luckily cleaning up some of the messes I made earlier took up a lot of the time.
It took a little while for the cake to get to the perfect texture, for I used the toothpick test almost 4 times before it was ready (maybe I was just being impatient). Tess as you can see clearly wanted a piece of the cake. She became a little helper shelf with crumbs for the rest of the night.
I was successfully able to get both of the cakes out of their pans after waiting a while for them to cool. I came back to my creme after leveling the cakes and actually realized that it was a lot thicker than I thought it would be (I probably let it sit too long). However, it still tasted absolutely incredible, and I excitedly added the crumb layer, but luckily there weren’t too many crumbs to be found. I almost probably could’ve gone without one, it was very  interesting, but I did one for good measure.

I got many laughs from my camera man(brother) because of the mess I was making. I guess I went at it way too quickly in excitement. After adding my final layer of the cake, I realized I kind of made a mess with the frosting, and even got a little on the floor, which Tess managed to get… She enjoyed it a little too much and I wasn’t too happy about that… By the time I was done, I stood with disbelief that I made such an amazing treat in such easy steps.
Until this yellow cake with chocolate frosting, I had made as many things as Charlie Brown in the kitchen, some cold cereal and maybe toast. The first piece I had was absolutely amazing, and I had a great feeling knowing that it was all me. All my life I have wanted to make something like a layer cake. I always refrained thinking that it was impossible to do without being professional or something, but thanks to the desserts at home class, I learned it’s actually really simple. I really encourage anyone out there to try! If a complete klutz like myself can do it, then anyone can. Many of the techniques I used to make this cake I learned in the class, and I hope to use them later in life to make even more crazy dessert creations in college. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the Baconator, signing out.

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