Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Eat!

February 21, 2011

Hey its Dr. Pepper!

Eating… we all do it a lot, and not just the three meals a day routine like always, we eat more than that. I know thats true for me anyway and I bet its true for most of you. You see I am in a stage of my life right now where I eat like a monster, and not the monster in your closet kind monster. I’m talking Godzilla hunger and if I’m Godzilla then carbs are my Tokyo. I eat carbs daily in amounts that probably aren’t healthy, but hey…. don’t judge me.  In order to satisfy my unearthly craving, I eat a lot of breads and muffins…. and biscuits. Whether it’s Bojangles, McDonalds, or my dad’s homemade drop biscuits, I eat a lot of them and I’m always reaching out for more. Once again, don’t judge me, I can’t help it. I like to blame all of this on the fact that I am a teenager and it’s my job to eat everything in site, and some. I wouldn’t really consider myself a stress eater, but when I’m tired, bored, or just  plain hungry, I eat carbs.

When Ms. Ruble said that we were going to be making biscuits in class I was very excited because 1) I was hungry already even though it was 1st period and 2) because biscuits are easy to make and you can make a lot at one time. It was a nice bonus that we would be making drop biscuits because you don’t have to worry about the look of them, it’s pure flavor. Not to mention the fact that we also got to put apple butter on them, and if you don’t know… I LOVE APPLE BUTTER! It’s not a strange obsession or anything, it’s just so dang good.

To start, we mixed Bisquick, milk, and cheese together in a mixing bowl. After that we used spoons to scoop out the dough onto baking sheets and put them in the oven. I couldn’t wait to to try them when they came out the oven, and I’m pretty sure I was the first in line. I tried one with garlic butter, and four others with apple butter. It only took one for me to decide I liked them and I left that class with my carb craving satisfied.



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