What Is this Stuff?

February 22, 2011

Hey guys this is Wheat Bread with another Woodlawn Kitchen Blog post.  This week our school basketball team had our senior night which went really well we had a big upset against a better team.  Dr Pepper came up big along with some former members of the Woodlawn Kitchen Team including Soy Sauce and Baconator.

Bisquick makes it taste really good

After the game I had to do a Service PSA that night and I planning on filming in the Local Harris Teeter but the man stocking the fridge said I couldn’t film so being a stupid teenager I did it any ways.  But when I am trying to be sneaky i guess I’m not very stable with the flip camera.  So I had to get so footage of some guy walking through a Korean grocery store.  Once i watched it the first thing i thought was what is this stuff it looks gross.  It was all green and weird but then i thought that is what they are thinking about our biscuits and our BBQ.

Needs More Garlic!!!!

Our Biscuits what could they be thinking, we have drop biscuits, rolled biscuits even beaten biscuits. The Drop variety are what we made in class.  We put cheese in it and covered it in garlic butter, this is weird because it is the same way my mom makes her but they seemed different.  So i asked her every thing about the recipe even down to the butter.  It was the same but then I had a revelation it was all about the size the classes were bigger and as it is in America bigger is better.


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