Pasta and Goodbye

March 1, 2011

Hello it is crazy cooking Joe here and as the title suggests this is my final post for this cooking class, so I guarantee it will be entertaining. Not like anything before this wasn’t entertaining; its just this one will be more entertaining. Because there is more to talk about. . .

Well for this week I made a very simple and delicious roast chicken artichoke pasta; trust me the name is more complicated than the actual dish, but again more on that later. As for now I would like to share a little story as to what happened to while I was making this dish.

As the title implies there is roast chicken in the recipe and in order to roast a chicken all you do is take a chicken breast, rub it down in a little bit of olive oil, season with salt and pepper, place skin side down in a pan for roughly three minutes so you can sear the chicken, then you place the chicken skin side up on a baking pan in the oven for approximately 15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the chicken is 160 -165 degrees. And if you recall there was a post about how to roast chicken earlier this year. But, I had some issues when I made my roasted chicken this time around. You see I put a tad bit to much oil on the chicken and when I put the chicken in the oven there was still to much oil. So if you know where this is going then hooray for you, but if you don’t what happened was the oil I guess evaporated and so when I opened the oven to check the temperature of my chicken a massive cloud of smoke erupted from my oven as though it was a volcano. So the first thing that happens is my smoke alarm goes off and the entire time I’m dealing with my chicken problem the smoke alarm is going off, so I deal with my chicken issue and under parental advisement I wrapped the chicken in the tinfoil to reduce the cooking of the remaining oil. Which helped somewhat, because when I opened the chicken for the second time a much smaller cloud of smoke came out of my oven, but somehow still managed to set off my smoke alarm. So that was fun times and whatnot, but interestingly enough when I tried the chicken, because I tried the chicken before I put it in the pasta it tasted perfectly fine and in fact it I think it tasted better than I remember, but before I continue this doesn’t mean that you should create a giant cloud of smoke in your oven when cooking you chicken. Because that would be bad. Before I continue I do want to add a quick note that when I looked at the oven before I opened for the first time it looked perfectly fine and I had no reason to believe tat anything would go awry when I opened it; I feel I should clarify this after my previous statement.

The cooking of the chicken 

Now that, that my story is out of the way there is no reason to not share this recipe with you. So here you go . . .

Roast Chicken Artichoke Pasta

For this recipe you will need the ingredients that are listed, a pot for the boiling of the pasta, a baking pan and some tinfoil for the roasting of the chicken, a wooden spoon to stir the pasta, some sort of pot or pan to saute (I used a dutch oven for this, because I was short on some pans at the time), possibly a bowl to present your final product in (its really your call, I just mixed all of the ingredients in the dutch oven and left it in there until I had to pack up the leftovers. It keeps it nice and hot and that reminds me about something; this recipe makes quite a bit of food so don’t be afraid to halve the recipe). Also it is important to note that this recipe took me about and hour or so to make.

The ingredients

1 pound of roast chicken

A 24oz. container of artichoke hearts, cooked, drained, quartered (I only used a 10 oz. container, because that was all that I had in my house at the time and in my opinion I didn’t think there was a huge different in taste. I believe you could taste the artichokes all the same, but in reality it is your choice )

1 pound of penne pasta, cooked and drained

3 tablespoons olive oil

8 cloves of crushed or minced garlic

2 cups of Parmesan cheese, grated (this part is said to be done to taste; I ended up putting in about a cup and a half,because like before it was what I had in my house)

1 and a half cups mayonnaise (to taste)

A half a cup lemon juice (to taste; on a side not I used freshly squeezed lemon juice, but it shouldn’t make a difference if you do it from a container)

Me, squeezing some lemons

A half a cup of freshly chopped parsley

All my ingredients, minus some pasta and chicken

Now what your going to want to do is make your roast chicken, I wrote this in the before part and I believe someone did a post about it earlier this year with the recipe if you would like to double check *This is what you need the tinfoil, the baking sheet, and what else.

Me, searing some chicken

My completed chicken

Now to start the rest of it; in a large saute pan heat olive oil on high heat. Add garlic and saute until fragrant. Add the drained penne and saute for a few minutes. When the pasta is well-coated, toss in the chicken and artichokes and stir until thoroughly heated. Remove pot from the heat. Toss in the Parmesan mayonnaise, lemon juice, and parsley. Stir well and serve hot.

Picture time!

My pasta, in the pot

The complete and ultimate dish

That’s all for me; goodbye people, it was fun while it lasted.

But, don’t forget, enjoy.


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