Handicapped in the Kitchen?

May 10, 2011

Hey guys, Linguine here! As you can see from Hummus’s post down below me, we’ve been very busy in the Woodlawn kitchen this past week! Well, by “we”, I unfortunately mean the other deliciously named cooking students. This week, I’ve been the designated mixer, whisker, stir-er, etc. I’ve been deprived of my ability to move around the kitchen because as crazy as it sounds, I fractured my right hip playing Capture the Flag. Yes, you read that right, Capture the Flag!

Hummus and IceboxIsaac join me (and my oh-so-fashionable ice pack) in creating pasta salad!

When I fractured my hip late last week, I was dreading rolling into cooking class on Tuesday, wheelchair and all. Though we’re fortunate enough to have a semi-large kitchen, I knew it wouldn’t be large enough for 7 students plus a student in a wheelchair! I imagined class being  7 active students, cooking away, while I watched from my little seat in the corner, longing to get in on some of the action. Much to my surprise, I was included in class just like every other day! I wheeled up to the table and was immediately offered a job of de-stemming spinach, pictured in the photo above. Due to my inability to move, I was named the official whisker! As I stood in my solitary spot at the counter, I got numerous bowls of spinach, pasta, even ham passed over to get a good stir! (I know those ingredients sound strange together, but just wait. The warm pasta salad recipe that is soon to be posted by Delicious David will legitimately blow your mind.)

The finished pasta salad getting a nice toss!

So as strange as this is going to sound, having a fractured hip actually taught me something in the kitchen this week! Even though I couldn’t move, I still felt like a part of the class. I realized that de-stemming, stirring, mixing, whisking, and all of those other actions that at times can seem so little, are actually a large part of your succulent success! So thanks Capture the Flag and insane teenage hip bones, you guys really showed me how to be included without moving an inch!


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