Welcome to the Woodlawn Kitchen!

Woodlawn is an independent, nonprofit school founded in 2002 and located just north of Davidson, North Carolina.  Our mission is to produce independent, lifelong learners who are responsible, contributing members of a diverse global society.

This is the Woodlawn Kitchen Blog, where you’ll find incredible students documenting their work in the kitchen as they strive to become conscientious home cooks.

About the Students

There are currently 8 hungry students in the Desserts at Home course in the Woodlawn Kitchen. Here they are, in their own words:

There’s a Hummus amoung-us. I’m a Woodlawn senior and attending UNCWilmington in the fall. I plan to study marine sciences and photography. I love cooking, but am not very savvy with the all the kitchen jargon. I usually get pretty good responses from whatever I cook, but that’s not to say that I haven’t had any catastrophes. I’ve been known to leave the tops on pots of boiling water, which incase you didn’t know, leads to explosion. Hopefully I’ll be able to hone my skills kitchen safety and technical lingo. Have a happy hummus day!

Hi I’m Isaac, otherwise known as IceboxIsaac. I’m a senior at the Woodlawn School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and will be attending (enter college name here) come fall! My academic interests include History, English, and Lunch. Outside of the Woodlawn School, I am an actor by profession, and spend the majority of my time on the stage. I am a kitchen dweller by familial ties…raised by a thoroughly Italian-food-woman-extraordinaire. Last trimester I began to apply myself in this wonderful world we call the kitchen and started creating THOUSANDS (ok…about 31) recipes. I am completely in love with the culinary arts now and have even started my own blog that links both my passions: cooking and theatre. Visit it here at memoirsofagaysha.org.

Hey World, this is Saucy Sayre checking back in! After a trimester long dance break, I’m back in the kitchen groove.  I’m now a third trimester senior, and I’ll be packing up my mittens and scarves and moving to Vermont in the fall to attend Middlebury College.  Whether I am whipping up a pumpkin pie for holiday shenanigans or binging on carrots and hummus (my new favorite snack), I spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen.  Today my cooking specialty is a delectable peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat, but tomorrow I may be the next Top Chef.  Who knows what the future will bring? But for now: stay saucy, citizens.

Hey everyone, this is Sophia Pizzeria. I am a senior this year. I am very excited to be attending Elon University in the fall. I love photography, singing, and traveling around the world to experience different cultures. In fact I am going to France and Costa Rica in the coming months! I am currently on the girl’s varsity soccer team and love it! I am very excited to delve back into the world of cooking again after a trimester of dance. I hope this class will prepare me for when I am an adult cooking for my family and friends. I cannot wait to start cooking!

My cooking experience is fairly trivial, I can make most dishes by following a recipe. My only real experience has been with my mother, helping her around the kitchen. According to, well, everyone who has ever tasted her cooking, she is quite good… so I should have picked up on some helpful techniques there. I took cooking because I want to be able to create tasty and/or healthy meals in college, as apposed to living off of ramen and macaroni & cheese. For my kitchen name, I think I will go with Delicious David… because that is basically the only word that relates to both food and the first letter of my name.

Hello, I’m Popsicle! I’ve never taken a cooking or baking class, but I taught myself to cook dinner (mainly rice and stir-fried vegetables; sometimes risotto, too). I sometimes make cookies or brownies for my family, my favorite being pokémon-shaped shortbread cookies, although they take a while to make. Apart from cooking, I really enjoy dancing and am taking hip-hop classes after school, and also learning how to sew. My main projects are a vintage-style prom dress and a victorian costume for my friend.

Hey guys! I’m Cupcake, I’m a Sophomore at Woodlawn and I play Basketball and Soccer for the school.  I’m excited to be back for round 2 of cooking.  I’m sad we’re no longer baking desserts, but glad to be back in the kitchen. I can cook some basic things, but nothing fancy, so I want to learn a little more about cooking.  I’m hoping to be able to make some great meals for my family.

Hey guys, Linguine here! Some of you might know me by my previous kitchen name, Lettuce Lady. I decided to change my name because I have grown and progressed so much from the first trimester to today. “Lettuce Lady” doesn’t have the kitchen skills Linguine has! Of course, I still have a lot to learn around the kitchen and I’m looking forward to improving my skills even further. When I’m not in the Woodlawn Kitchen, I can be found on either the volleyball court or soccer field. I’m a sophomore at Woodlawn and I’m looking forward to this trimester in the Cooking at Home elective!


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