Winter 2010-11:

Hey! I’m Emma, aka Oreo. Want to know how I got that name? I was making a dessert at a camp when I was younger and as I opened the bag of oreos, they spilled all over the floor and rolled into the furthest corners of the kitchen. And that place was so dirty there was a zero second rule. All but two of the oreos were ruined. Crazy, right? Another time, when I was two, I tried to help my mom make my birthday cake and I grabbed the bag of powdered sugar and pulled it off the counter. It was snowing! (And making a HUGE mess!) Well, not all of my kitchen experiences are of me making messes, I help my mom cook some, especially during holidays. I wanted to take this class so I could perfect my skills, and because it just seemed like a fun class to take! What could be more fun than cooking for an elective? My favorite classes are Spanish and Chemistry and outside of school I spend a lot of time with music. And between playing the piano and organ and singing in several choirs, I like to read and hangout with my friends.

Hey, I’m Annie, but you can call me Alfredo. At school, I enjoy English and Chemistry, especially when we do cool labs! I run cross-country and track and I also cheer for Woodlawn. After school I play piano, and I just recently had a holiday recital. Sometimes, I cook dinner or dessert at home (with a lot of help!), but I’ve never done any type of advanced cooking. I’m usually the “bowl-licker” of my family. I’m excited to learn new recipes and techniques because I really enjoy cooking, I’m just not very good at it. My goal is to be able to make a meal (other than something microwaveable) without any help from my mom. I can’t wait to get started!

Hi, I’m Paulina, or Piña Colada in the kitchen, and I’m a junior at Woodlawn.  I enjoy all my classes, but English and history are my favorites. I run cross country and play soccer at school. I’m also involved in drama and edit the school yearbook, The Mighty Oak. In my free time, I also love to read and run; yes, I run for fun. I haven’t really cooked much before, except some cookies at times, but I enjoy eating, especially chocolate and pasta dishes. My specialty is balsamic vinaigrette, which I learned to make in France. I hope this course will teach me some cooking skills, so that I will be able to prepare meals for myself and others.

Hey, my name is William a.k.a Wheatbread.  I’m currently a junior at Woodlawn School.  I play a lot of sports mainly Soccer, Basketball and Golf.  I enjoy some classes more than others especially the Sciences and Math.   Food is one of my favorite things on the earth but I am lacking the skills to make anything more than pasta, and for that reason I’m taking this class.  I’m looking forward to expanding my culinary knowledge and skills.

Hi I’m Isaac, otherwise known as Icebox Isaac. I’m a senior at the Woodlawn School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My academic interests include History, English, and Lunch. Outside of the Woodlawn School, I am an actor by profession, and spend the majority of my time on the stage. I am a kitchen dweller by familial ties…raised by a thoroughly Italian-food-woman-extraordinaire. I want to be able to cook for my mother once in a while, instead of just doing the eating.

Hey my name ­­­is Darius aka Dr. Pepper and I am excited to take this Cooking at Home elective. I do not have extensive experience in the kitchen but I do know how to cook a few different dishes. I mainly like to make pasta dishes because pasta is a food that I enjoy eating and also enjoy making many breakfast dishes that include eggs such as omelets. I am excited to be in this elective because I want to expand the different types of meals I can make. I also am excited to learn new cooking techniques and use them at home.

Fall 2010-11:

Hey, I’m Sawyer, aka Soy Sauce, and I’m a senior at Woodlawn School. In terms of academic interests, I pretty much love it all! I especially enjoy the challenges the sciences, such as chemistry, pose. I was even hoping that my background in chemistry might aid me in this cooking elective. At work last summer, my mentor wisely told me that science can be a lot like cooking. Besides academics, I like to stay active with varsity athletics. The best part, for me, is bonding with the team and chanting abnormal phrases, such as “Pull yo pants up!” or “It’s apple dumpling time!” at athletic events. Outside of school, I play piano, read books, and hang out with my friends. I’m also known by my parents as the bottomless pit, which means I tend to eat my share… okay, I eat a lot, so what? I love spicy food, and of course I enjoy desserts. Through this elective, I hope to improve my cooking abilities and achieve more independence in the kitchen. So sharpen your knives and get your spatulas flippin’, because it’s gonna be one wild ride with me in the kitchen!

Hello, my name is Greg, a.k.a. the Baconator, and I am in the 12th grade. I enjoy to play guitar, hang with friends and family, run cross country and track, and play basketball and golf. I enjoy all kinds of science subjects and Spanish in school, and I hope to maybe one day study in either the fields of Pre-med, communications, or psychiatry. I am in this course because I want to be able to cook unique and tasty desserts for family and maybe even friends one day in my college years to come.

Hi, I’m Seltzer Sayre, 1/13 of this year’s Woodlawn School senior class. My academic interests include Spanish, English, and occasionally chemistry. Outside of class, I enjoy playing soccer, editing the Lamplighter, playing the flute, and experimenting with photography. Food wise, I am the official taste-tester of my family, gorge myself with my mom’s fabulous pumpkin bread and peppermint brownies, and participate in an intensely extreme pie-eating contest every 4th of July.

I’m Serena Sundae in the 10th grade. I enjoy taking english class and writing in school as well as writing poetry in my free time. I also love dancing ballet, which I take twice a week, and play the piano. My favorite ingredient to bake with is chocolate. I have made several chocolate cakes and tortes from a cook book called “Pure Chocolate” by Fran Bigelow. My favorite and ‘deadly’ chocolate torte is called “Pavé Josephine,” which was served at my birthday last year. Another cherished chocolate treat of mine is named “Princess Pudding,” which is surprisingly simple to make. By accident, this late July, I created the ultimate macaroni and cheese using just the ingredients I had in my fridge, combining recipes, and improvising along the way. I love making long-time favorite recipes, but I like trying new and more complex ones as well.

Hey, I’m Forrest, the Blender. I am a Sophomore and I enjoy Spanish and Chemistry. I have worked at the Holly Hill Inn in Midway, Kentucky for two summers, working different jobs in the kitchen. I mostly worked with appetizers and applying garnish on the line, although I definitely enjoyed the little time I spent plating and garnishing desserts. Desserts are definitely something I’ve been interested in, I’ve just not had the time to work on them as much as I’d like.  This course will hopefully begin to fill that gap in my culinary knowledge.

Hey my name is Sophia Pizzeria. I am in 12th grade. Some of my favorite classes at school are English and Spanish. My hobbies include singing, photography, volleyball, reading, writing poetry, and traveling around the world. I also enjoy community service and helping out in any way that I can. I enjoy baking cookies and brownies with my friends as well as mixing different spices to create interesting tastes. I love trying new food, and I absolutely love international food, like Indian, Thai, Brazilian and Chinese.

Hello, my name is Ryan a.k.a. Cupcake and I’m in the 10th grade at Woodlawn School. My favorite class at school is history. I’m not sure why, its just something I find enjoyable. One of my favorite things to do is play sports and stay active. I play basketball and soccer for the school. I also really enjoy food and eating, but my cooking skills are lacking. That’s why I choose to take this course. I plan on being able to make some simple desserts, but I also hope to learn some fancier desserts I can make for friends or family.

Currently known as “Lettuce Lady,” I am a Sophomore at Woodlawn School. My favorite hobbies include soccer and volleyball, but I enjoy trying new things and will give anything a chance! My two favorite academic subjects are definitely English and History. As much as I enjoy Math and Science, I’ve never had much of a mathematical mind. I find myself interested in more cultural type things; perhaps that’s part of the reason I’m interested in baking? I’ve had no previous culinary training, but I’m looking forward to the sweet successes (and messy mistakes along the way)!


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